Samara Lubelski
The Fleeting Skies

SR011CD: Released October 9th 2004

1. The Fleeting Skies 2. Keeper Of Beauty 3. Guarding The Sun
4. Under The Gaze 5. Waiting By The Gate 6. Immortal Design 7. Follow You
8. The Boy Who Bought The Cosmos 9. Now’s Morning Calling 10. Crowns & Courts

The Fleeting Skies is a testament to an artist who is constantly willing to absorb new thoughts and translate them into her own work. Samara Lubelski is what some would call a lifer: a person who is willing to keep on making music, honing their craft because they can’t conceive of not doing this. Take The Fleeting Skies as a kind a travel guide through her aural perambulations over two continents and with the help of a number of her friends.

Samara is a native New Yorker who grew up in the haze of artist infestation of Soho. Through the time of playing in various groups she has compiled an impressive resume that covers myriad of genres such as her work with the avant/psych/folk outfit of Hall Of Fame into the lair of those bohemian German musos Metabolismus and onto the indie rock interpretations of The Sonora Pine with some serious treks into the world of The Tower Recordings and off world with Jackie O Motherfucker, to name just a few.

This album is a new level where Samara controls all aspects of the sound. Started at the compound of Metabolismus out in the forests outside of Stuttgart, Germany with the help of Moritz Finkbeiner and Robert Steng. She returned to the U.S. and to her part time place of work to complete her album at the Rare Book Room. Joining her were two of her old chums from the Tower Recordings PG Six and Tim Barnes. Add to the mix the guitar aficionado Marc Moore who has had his hand in Cat Power and the Lynnfield Pioneers and various other project’s cookie jars. Cynthia Nelson who has played from one coast to the next performing solo material and collaborating with others showed her verve on the flute while David Muller's fingers graced the deep tone of the bass guitar.

What all these elements have added up to on Samara’s album is cycle of songs that are almost deceptive in their catchiness. Layers of sound that are delicate without being fragile. There is a resilience that makes this album balance on the edge of being the type of LP that is perfect on both rainy mornings and breezy spring days. With all of her experience and skill Samara has learned how to create atmospheres of depth within her pieces. They do not rely on the virtuosity of the players, but on them unifying with each other and the words to create an ambience that is gentle and pulls you deeper into its folds. When it ends you are carried along on its last currents. You will be looking forward to the return of The Fleeting Skies as it settles into your memory.