Gang Gang Dance
Revival Of The Shittest

SR011LP: Released September 7th, 2004
SR011CD: Released October 23rd 2003

Released In An Edition Of 100 hand numbered CDRs
Reissued In An Edition of 1000 LPs

CDR Out Of Print

Gang Gang Dance is the sound of a host of worker bees cross-pollinating different musical blossom’s pollen into a new hybrid.
The quartet (and for a time quintet) take their different influences and merge them into an ever evolving garden of sonic flora that will delight those who look for their expectations to be over turned by a group that is constantly plowing new territory that both intrigues and delights.

Combining the stylistic elements of Asian, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, hip-hop, rock, experimental & electronic music Gang Gang Dance synthesizes a vital and wholly new type of music; rigidly structured yet fluid enough to allow for the members to improvise and take the music in a different direction at a moments notice. Unlike many of their contemporaries this group is more oriented in an uncompromisingly creative direction; a set of compositions is only in their repertoire for a handful of months during which time they are constantly changing and developing to a point of fruition. At which point a whole new set of material is written and begins getting developed, which allows the band to never rest. The resulting performances have created an organic ground swell of congregants eagerly waiting to see where the group will plant its new seeds. This release is but the tip of the iceberg; a vantage point from which to watch the next year unfold for this ground breaking quartet.

Culled from a canvas bag filled with tapes & CDRs Revival Of The Shittest is a survey of the atavistic nature of Gang Gang Dance with the source material stemming from live performances, studio outakes& a boom box recorder stationed in their rehearsal space.This release was originally compiled over a twelve-hour session at Junkyard Studios in the hopes of compiling a CDR for an event the next day. Made in an edition of 100 CDRs and hand numbered the release was out of print in less than two weeks.

Gang Gang Dance is a four piece out of NYC comprised of Brian DeGraw, Liz Bougatsos, Josh Diamond and Tim Dewitt. In addition to being a world-renowned painter & illustrator Brian DeGraw was also a founding member of the DC Based band Cranium, Ssab Songs (with director Harmony Korine) and the art/metal band Angel Blood. Tim Dewitt was in all of those groups as well and he has also played with Neil Haggerty, Cass McCombs & White Magic over the last few years. Josh Diamond was another member of Ssab Songs and has played with an endless number of rock, jazz and experimental musicians. Liz Bougatsos is known for her visual works in addition to her playing in Angel Blood & the legendary NYC art provocateur band Actress.