• TSR074: Troubled, Shaken Etc.
TSR068: Remix EP
• TSR063: The Dusk Line EP
• TSR062: 59.59
• TSR043: The Social Club Nº 2

• Close To The Ground
• White
• Motionless
• Way Down To Heaven
• When (Variation....)
• Murder Remix by Brian Degraw

Close to the Ground directed by Ben Crook
The Dusk Line directed by Ben Crook

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“One of the most underrated bands in the world.” – Time Out NY

“They make some of the most gorgeous, melodic music. Takes the listener from scattered snares to soft, sad guitar ballads accompanied by legions of strings. Sian Ahern’s voice can induce weeping.” - XLR8R

“While many of their more forward-thinking compatriots transcend the odd genre or two, Sian Alice Group simply confound categorization in any way, shape or form. They create a fairly inhibited world all of their own, a seemingly candescent alter state based on haunting passages, mythical creatures and a general feeling of eeriness throughout.” – Drowned in Sound

“Some artists walk a fine line between the abstract and the arranged, creating a sense of spontaneity without being overly rehearsed. Sian Alice Group accomplishes just this. What’s more, it does so while simultaneously recalling great artists but sounding completely unique.” – Filter

“Sian Alice Group make big, cinematic rock that’s at turns effortlessly gorgeous and blindly assaultive." NY Observer

Sian Ahern, Rupert Clervaux and Ben Crook, the founders of Sian Alice Group, thrive on a broad, instinctive and experimental approach to writing and recording music.  Since forming in 2006 the group has freely exercised these inclinations.  Drawing inspiration from a lifetime of listening to a huge variety of music, they mix elements of rock, dance, free jazz, classical, minimalism, soul and improvisation into a vibrant balance that sounds both natural and completely original.  With a strong emphasis on self-sufficiency and independence their entire catalogue to date has been engineered and produced by Rupert at his London studio, Gray’s Inn Road.  Unhindered by the desire, or need, to accept the limitations of any specific genre, Sian Alice Group create an accessible eclecticism which is threaded together by Ben and Rupert’s distinctive instrumentation, and Sian’s elegant and compelling vocals.

Early 2007 saw the group take to the stage for the first time, in support of Spiritualized, and the release of their debut 7”, ‘Nightsong’, on The Social Registry.  Following this, the band returned to the studio to complete their first full-length.  After coming out in February 2008, ‘59.59’ , a double LP which includes performances by Sasha Vine, Douglas Hart (Jesus and Mary Chain), John Coxon (Spring Heel Jack) and Brian Degraw (Gang Gang Dance), received universal acclaim for its complex blend of pop songwriting, dynamic instrumental composition and studio improvisation.  NME called it “a stunning debut” which is “always breathtaking”, while All Music Guide described it as “an astounding album, quite unlike anything one’s heard before.”  In their ‘Recommended’ review, Pitchfork noted the group’s effective diversity, saying that the record “charts transformations from psychedelic rock, pastoral folk, and piano-lounge balladry into analog-synthtronica, free-jazz breakdowns, pounding Afro-tech grooves, and avant-classical composition."

Two further releases followed in the same year.  ‘The Dusk Line EP’ , recorded during the sessions for ‘59.59’, features four tracks which are stripped back to vocals, piano and vibraphone, and ‘Remix’ is an adventurous collection of re-worked tracks from the LP with contributions from Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Spring Heel Jack and Brian Degraw.  Throughout 2008 the group also toured extensively with their six-piece live line up, including a full US tour with A Place To Bury Strangers, a tour in Japan and more European dates with Spiritualized.  
In August 2009 Sian Alice Group released their second double LP, ‘Troubled, Shaken Etc.’ which continues the band’s incorporation of manifold musical styles and further develops the unique production of it’s predecessor. Once again, they received ardent praise from critics, with Uncut suggesting that “this London collective’s emboldened second shows new paths to transcendence.”  Drowned In Sound say “it’s a deftly-secured trove of deeply hidden treasures that, once discovered, will be hard to resist,” whilst CMJ highlight the groups ability to make a cohesive whole from plural influences: “The outfit continues their genre-busting delivery on their new collection...it begs to be played in its entirety, as an epic journey through the human psyche.”  A busy US and UK touring schedule was maintained throughout last year, taking in tours with Vetiver and Deerhunter, as well as festival slots at ATP, Field Day, Loop and Offset.  Always inclined to keep performances fresh and exciting, the group avoid simply doing renditions of album tracks onstage and allow themselves to develop songs live, even long after they’ve been released.  Sian Alice Group have earned a reputation as a powerful and engaging live act, a view supported by Time Out NY who, in review of the group’s 2009 CMJ New York show, described them as “one of the most underrated bands in the whole world.”